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FIG Commune is an online platform which aims to share information and knowledge through Features, Insights and Global updates. It was created through a collaboration of ideas and a common vision by a team of passionate creatives and thinkers who want to provide an independent online platform that offers Forward-looking, Inspired and Genuine stories.

Inspired by what a FIG tree symbolizes and the importance of sharing to build a community, FIG Commune is a brand that aims to share, add value and connect people globally. 

The FIG tree is a sign and symbol of peace and prosperity. The word “Commune” on the other hand, is a word that originated from the old French word Comuner which means “to share”. 

FIG Commune is a way of communicating authentic stories that can encourage individuals to have a common ground yet still have their unique perspectives and learnings from the narratives shared by individuals and experts from different fields.

FIG Commune is also a learning platform that can spark new ideas. It is an access to valuable and interesting content that keeps individuals to be in-the-know of activities and new innovations that can make their lives more productive and meaningful. 

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